Receiving the Keys


Bespoke and Personal

Are you nervous about investing in property? Want support and to benefit from the hard won experience of someone who has done it, felt the pain, learnt the lessons and still made a success of it?

Bespoke Property Services can assist you in finding the strategy that is right for you, honing that strategy with SMART Goals and Objectives and then evaluating different ways to implement and deliver them.

When it comes to implementation, take the tailored approach that can be Bespoked to meet your particular needs.

  • Want to get more hands on? Then tailor the service offering to meet your needs.

  • Want to sit back and let us take the strain? Then take the full sourcing package including conveyancing support.

Use our sourcing service to find your ideal investment property and be supported through the process to completion and your new set of keys. Benefit from on the ground local knowledge and experience. 

Take a look at the services Bespoke Property Services offers and be reassured you are in safe hands.


Make the House Sing!

Never done a refurb before? No inclination to do some tiling or fit a kitchen? Don’t want to manage tradesmen at all hours?

Then use our refurb service and benefit from a dedicated team of professions and a single Project Manager acting solely in your interests. One point of contact, keen quotes from motivated and pre-checked tradesmen.

Why DIY and learn the hard way when you can benefit from a team that knows what to do, wants to deliver quality on time, every time and believes in high standards to drive loyalty and investment reward? Your time and your investment is their priority.

From damp proof work, roofing, gas central heating systems, new kitchens, bathrooms through to electricals, fencing, gardening, decorating, flooring and carpet fitting. All the refurb services you need from one dedicated team and a single point of contact motivated to get your project “Ready to Rent”.

Enquire about our cost effective refurb contracts and take advantage of a proven team.


Get the Income

Finding prospective tenants and then vetting their suitability is a time consuming activity. You are constantly weighing up people, their needs and measuring trust and integrity.

Get the right tenants at the start and the tenancy can be beneficial and rewarding (£) for all participants. Skip over the required paperwork or compliant processes and the penalties can be punitive (e.g. 3 months rental fines).

Why take the risk? Use a Private Letting Agent with intimate local knowledge, and bring to bear over 5 years of successfully finding, vetting and self-managing tenants. Tune the service by dialling up or down the control level until you are comfortable. Want to know about every change or contact regarding the property? Then add that to your package. Happy to only hear about maintenance over £250, then just set that threshold and we will deliver to it.

  • Tenant Find at £450 to include deep credit and reference checks plus £50 for all associated paperwork and the tenancy agreement.

  • Check in procedure, utilities, keys and initial tenant queries: £50

  • Full photo inventory ~£85 (outsourced)

  • Full management 10% of rent

To further remove your involvement in the process why not consider guaranteed rent deals to fix your income for 3 years?

We do not charge tenants' admin or management fees, helping them move smoothly. This makes us stand out from high street and online letting agents. Ask us about how that drives higher consistent yet sustainable rent levels.